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How to Adopt

EmBark dogs are available for adoption prior to our arrival at the next scheduled PetSmart Event. Our dogs receive multiple applications, so we highly recommend that you submit an application as soon as possible if you have an interest in one of EmBark's dogs.  More than 5,200 EmBark dogs have been adopted through this method. NOTE: Please only apply for dogs that are profiled on our Available page.

Check our Transport Schedule first to see where EmBark is headed next... CLICK HERE

Step I: Complete Application online


Step II: Your application will be reviewed, and if pre-approved, an Adoptions Manager will call.


Step III: Following the phone interview, an Adoptions Manager will refer you to our Counselor to match you with the best dog


Step IV: If you and the Counselor decide a particular dog is the right fit, contact your Adoptions Manager and submit your adoption fee payment online - the dog is now yours and no longer available to anyone else


Step V: You will receive an email containing arrival details and suggestions as to how best to give your new dog a smooth transition into his/her new home with you.

Click HERE to begin

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